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In 2011, John Clark, President of Faxon Engineering took on the task of helping set his company apart from the others.  As a distributor, he felt it was important to have a quality management system to help guide the mission and objectives set forth for Faxon.  With the help of CT based organization called CONNSTEP, Faxon began the task of developing a Quality Management System based on AS9100 +ISO 9001 standard.  At this time Faxon main area of focus was on hose and fitting distribution and kitting.  With a five person management review team, Faxon achieved and has held this certification for it's Bloomfield location.  Over the past seven years, Faxon has refined their system and their business direction has changed to include more complete assembly work and the addition of in house welding/brazing.  As such, Faxon is proud to announce they have recently upgraded and achieved AS9100 Rev D +ISO 9001 certification. 

Faxon understood why investing in these standards was important.  It allows them to speak the same business language as its customers and suppliers.  As a result, Faxon has found that their market opportunities have increased.  In addition, Faxon’s compliance insures that it has a sound quality management system, and that's just good business.

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As part of Faxon's commitment to our Quality Policy, maintaining customer satisfaction is very important, therefore we welcome your feedback, send us a message about how we are doing.

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